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The very first Night of 100 Elvises CD, to coincide with Baltimore's famous Night of 100 Elvises, a benefit extravaganza organized by Carol Caroll for some excellent charities. Cuts include: 1.That's Alright Mama, Jim "The King" Brown 2.Rip it Up, The Rockin' Bones 3.Do The Clam, Jumpin' Jupiter 4.Baby, You're So Square, The Towering Beehives aka The Fabulettes 5.His Latest Flame, The Beltways 6.Rock-a-Hula Baby, The Hula Monsters 7.Clambake Medley, The Hidden Persuaders
8.Baby, Let's Play House, The Flea Bops  9.Hard Knocks, The Pourbillies 10.Witchcraft, Tony Anthony 11.(Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I, Honky Tonk Confidential 12.Blue Moon, Jeff Sarli and the put-outs 13.King Creole, Monsters from the Surf 14. Viva Las Vegas, Janine Wilson 15.Little Sister, The Glenmont Popes

The latest Holiday Feast IV Christmas CD, 1999. 1.Office Christmas Bash, The Towering Beehives aka The Fabulettes  2.Man with the Bag,The Hidden Persuaders
3.I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, Jimmy & the Blue Dogs, with Marianna Previti  4 It's Christmas Time,Virginia Veatch  5.Call Collect on Christmas, The Blue Moon Cowgirls  6.Santa's Got that Ol' TB, Honky Tonk Confidential  7.Zydeco New Year,Louisiana Sugar Kings  8.Merry Christmas from Antietam, Andrew Grimm  9.A Surfin' Christmas,The Throwbacks  10.Santa Claus, Charles Solomon Blues Band  11.Dear Mr. Santa,Georgia Ray  12.Just Don't Seem Like Christmas,The Reluctant Playboys  13.Christmas in the Rain,Colleen Shanley & the Bloodhounds 14.Christmas in September,, wDave Sherman & the Nightcrawlers,with Cindy Cain  15.O Come All Ye Faithful,Carey Colvin, Maura & Pete Kennedy  16. Walking in a Winter Wonderland, Rick Whitehead and John Previti 17.Hello Mr. New Year, Cigarbox Planetarium
We hope you bought Hungry For Music's latest Christmas sampler - our song  called Santa Claus (is coming just for you) and our good friend Evan Johns  (yes, that Evan Johns) wrote it.  We also recorded four songs for a demo sampler: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Shirelles), Maybe (Chantals), Mr. Lee (Bobbettes) and Reach Out in the Darkness.

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