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Jane, Esmirelda, and Diana

Diana, Jane, Ezmo, and Lisa

Diana Quinn has been performing since she was five years old, when she started guitar lessons in upstate New York. She is a trained classical guitarist and lutenist, and was a student of Sophocles Papas for fifteen years. She also sang and performed medieval and renaissance music as well as opera while at college. In the late 70s she founded the legendary cult punk-new wave Washington, D.C. band Tru Fax & the Insaniacs. She also founded The Dynettes. In 1996, she formed Diana & the Moondogs with Tru Fax bandmate Kenny Bugg, Rob Howe and Andy Rutherford. Mike Woods later joined the band, which eventually morphed into the The Towering You-Know-Whos (see our recordings page) and then The Fabulettes.  Diana recruited her little sister, Jane -- their sibling voices meld pefectly. Diana has known Jane all of her life. Jane is married to Phill Brack, The Fabulettes' sound engineer. Jane and Phill are also the parents of Diana's nephew and godson, Benjamin Brack. Esmirelda is an accomplished award-winning (Billboard) singer and songwriter.  Her band, Esmirelda and The Tidbits, released an album, Big Yalla, last year.   The Fabulettes have been nominated for numerous WAMMIES over the past five years;  Diana won one in 1998 for rock/pop female vocalist.